About our creative art project

Technology Stack

  • Rails 4.2.3/Ruby 2.2.2
  • MySQL Database
  • PhantomJS
  • AngularJs
  • AWS EC2
  • RedShift Database
  • Python (Fraud Detection)

Key Features

  • Analytics on collected data from surveys
  • Text based Analysis(Repustate API)
  • Integration of Rescue to handle background jobs
  • AWS Redshift integration to create reporting database
  • PhantomJS to build PDF reports for customers
  • Automatic case management module to filter out actionable feedback for managers
  • Download of standard reports and custom reports specific to customers
  • Integration of Bime dashboards API
  • Automatic sync and modification of Reporting Database (AWS Redshift)
  • Client: Subhi Farah

Recent Projects